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RAPPID™ Rotordynamics Software Suite

Rotordynamic Modeling and Simulation System

The RAPPID™ software library not only has the very best in analysis tools for eigenvalue, forced response, transient forced response and components, it also has an advanced project and data management architecture that enables the user to easily develop and maintain large amounts of data for extensive studies of complex systems.

Multithreaded 64-bit Rotordynamics

RAPPID™ utilizes the latest language advancements and compiler technology to fully utilize all available computing power in today's Microsoft Windows based computers.

Integrated Transient Rotordynamic Simulations

RAPPID™ is a transient modeling and simulation software package that fully integrates transient solutions for the finite element based structures, Navier-Stokes based solutions for interconnections, and the Navier-Stokes based flow network.

Multidisciplinary Rotordynamic Solutions

By nature, the study of vibrations is the confluence of all disciplines. To achieve an accurate solution for loads and deflections and their phase, solutions for each discipline must be solved simultaneously. RAPPID™ brings together all aspects of FEA and CFD that are relevant to rotordynamics to yield a comprehensive result for vibration characteristics and component life.

Multifidelity Rotordynamic Solutions

By allowing flexible mixing of 1D, 2D, and 3D models, RAPPID™ enables efficient modeling of complex systems. Parametric solutions for complex systems can be obtained by putting the highest fidelity only where it is needed most.

Custom Software Development

Vast Library of Advanced Solvers. Don't see what you need in our library of software? RSR has the capability to quickly develop custom component or network software to your specifications. Our advanced object oriented software architecture was specifically designed to create solutions for new technologies quickly.

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