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Rotordynamic Analysis Software

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Choose Your Fidelity

RAPPID™ rotordynamics analysis software has several different fidelity levels: 2D transfer matrix using cylindrical beams, 2D FEA using tapered beams, and full 3D FEA using solid elements. Transfer Matrix codes are limited to a single line of elements (i.e., no housing model) and two beams per axial location. The 2D FEA codes utilize tapered beams for both rotor and housing. The full 3D codes enable mixed models of solid elements and are practically unlimited with respect to model complexity and scope.

Advanced GUI

RAPPID™ has an advanced project management system that enables seamless modeling, analysis and data visualization of complex interconnected systems.

Advanced Transient Simulation

Complex Systems Require Nonlinear Solutions

Advanced rotating machinery systems are highly complex and nonlinear. RSR has developed the most advanced transient, nonlinear rotordynamics analysis software available that comes complete with transient eigenvalue solutions. Now you can visualize the stability of your nonlinear system under transient conditions.