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3D CFD: Turbine, Compressor, Pump, Ejector, & Combustor Analysis Software

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RSR's 3D CFD codes are RANS based and capable of analyzing multiphase, reacting, subsonic, transonic, and supersonic flows. An advanced multiscale, multiphase transient turbulence model has also been included.

Transient Rotordynamic Coefficients

The 3D CFD code is capable of calculating distributed rotordynamic coefficients (stiffness, damping, and mass) for unshrouded blade passages including interblade phase effects. Rotordynamic coefficients for bearings, seals, and dampers may also be determined if unique geometry is present. Distributed rotordynamic coefficients are required to perform fully accurate rotordynamic analysis using 3D structures modeled with solid elements.

Supersonic Ejector Validation

Multiphase, Multiscale Turbulence and Transient Cavitation Models

The advanced turbulence and multiphase fluid modeling features were validated using a unique set of supersonic ejector test data. The test ejector featured supersonic gas entraining a low pressure liquid. RSR's 3D CFD software accurately predicted the compression ratio vs entrainment ratio curve over a wide range of ejector inlet conditions.