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Hydrostatic Bearing Software


RAPPID™ hydrostatic bearing analysis software utilizes the full Navier-Stokes solution and offers the following capabilities:

  • Laminar, transitional and turbulent flow
  • Full thermal model
  • Results include full effects of fluid inertia and shear
  • Considers choked flow at either orifice or exit plane


RAPPID™ hydrostatic bearing analysis software has a wide array of features are available to enable physically realistic modeling of hydrostatic bearings, including:

  • Ability to solve for load given eccentricity and attitude angle or vice versa
  • Thermal model includes convection to shaft and housing, and conduction through housing
  • Housing thermal model allows for two dissimilar materials
  • Automatic grid generation
  • Solution method solves fully coupled momentum, continuity, and energy equations

Analysis Results

RAPPID™ hydrodynamic bearing analysis software yields results needed for a comprehensive assessment of bearing performance, including:

  • Dynamic Results: Stiffness, damping, and mass coefficients and whirl frequency ratio
  • Optional frequency dependent rotordynanmic characteristics
  • >Eccentricity, attitude angle, flow rate, power loss
  • Peak film pressure and peak fluid temperature
  • Inlet temperature, temperature rise, maximum temperature, minimum film thickness
  • Max circumferential and axial Reynolds number
  • Flow condition (laminar, transitional, or turbulent)

Bearing Configurations

RAPPID™ hydrostatic bearing analysis software is available for either journal or thrust bearings.

Hydrostatic bearing restoring force